Scratch Masters competition will begin approx. 4:15 PM. The tournament will take all 9
scratch games bowled during the singles, doubles and team events. The top 8 bowlers in
the 6 Masters division and cost for entry are detailed below:

DIVISION A : AVERAGE 0 – 149 ($30.00)
DIVISION B: AVERAGE 150-164 ($35.00)
DIVISION C : AVERAGE 165-179 ($40.00)
DIVISION D: AVERAGE 180-194 ($45.00)
DIVISION E: AVERAGE 195-209 ($50.00)

Each Scratch Masters division will pay out 100% of monies collected. The following are
the rules for the event:

A. All bowlers will receive 10 minutes of practice. Bowlers may practice on all lanes
allocated for their division.

B. Round 1. All 8 bowlers will bowl 1 game on the same pair of lanes. The 4 highest
scores bowled will move on to round 2 of the competition with the lowest 4 scores being
eliminated. The 4 lowest scoring bowlers will all be paid out an equal amount.

C. Round 2. The remaining 4 bowlers will bowl 1 game 1 pair to the right of the previous
lanes that were bowled on. The top 2 highest scores bowled will move on to the
championship match with the 2 lowest scores bowled being eliminated. The 2 lowest
scoring bowlers will be paid out and equal amount.

D. Championship Match. The two remaining bowlers will bowl a best out of three match.
This is not for a total pins set. The bowler with the highest qualifying score in the previous
round will decide which of the 2 pair of lanes that were bowled on will be used for the
championship match, in addition, they will decide which bowler will bowl first. At the end of
the best 2 out of 3 match one bowler will earn the Scratch Masters title in their division
and the other will receive second place.

E. All ties will be broken by a 9th and 10th frame roll off.

F. If there is a tie for 8th place at qualifying, the bowler with the highest scratch set during
singles, doubles and team events will qualify 8th place.

G. All other rules and adjustments are determined by the tournament official running the
scratch masters event.
Scratch Masters