Scratch Masters Rules

1.)  The Scratch Masters Competition, in conjunction with the Alamo City Tournament, is available     
to  all  participants for an additional entry fee based on the Divisions as outlined.  Scratch Masters   
entry fees may be paid at the time of the tournament entry or during registration( but must be paid
before the first ball rolled in Singles Event).  100% of the entry fee will be returned to the prize fund
for each Division,  less linage.  All scores will be scratch, no handicap scores will be considered.

2.)  The nine (9) game scratch totals from the handicap tournament (Singles, Doubles, Team) are
used to determine the eight (8) qualifiers and the one (1) alternate per Division for competition.  IF a
TIE exists for any of the eight (8) qualifying spots, the bowler with the highest three (3) game scratch
series will determine the seeded positions.  Once the final ranking or position for the nine games is
determined, qualifying scores will not carry over.  Scratch Masters Divisions  and corresponding
entry fees will be as follows:
Division A: Averages from 0 - 149            $30.00 entry
Division B: Averages from 150 - 165        $35.00 entry
Division C: Averages from 166 - 185        $40.00 entry
Division D: Averages from 186 - 199        $45.00 entry
Division E: Averages from 200 - 214        $50.00 entry
Division F: Averages from 215 & Above  $55.00 entry

3.)  The top eight (8) bowlers in each Division will advance to the Scratch Master competition.   All
eight (8) competitors in each Division will bowl one game on the same pair of lanes for Round 1.  For
Round 2 , the field will be cut to the 4 bowlers with the highest scratch score from Round 1.  For
Round 3 (Championship), the bowlers with the highest scratch score from Round 2 will advance to
play 1 game.  In case of a tie on Round 3 , then a 10 frame Roll-Off will take place.

4.)  The scheduled competition will begin at 3:
00pm on Sunday January 14, 2018, with a brief meeting
with the qualifiers prior to the start of the competition.                             

5.)  Scratch Masters check-in will begin at
2:30pm,  if a bowler has not checked in by 3:00pm or is
unavailable to bowl at the scheduled time,  the alternate in that Division bowls.  The unavailable
bowler will be disqualified, and the alternate assumes the 8th place seed and the other seeds will
advance accordingly.

6.)  During preliminary rounds, bowlers will have ten (10) minutes of practice on any or all of the 4
lanes assigned to his/her Division; no other practice balls are allowed on subsequent lanes and/or

7.)  Any dispute in the competition must be filed with the Scratch Master's committee prior to the
start of the next match, by a participating bowler.  In the case of an error in the final match, the
dispute must be filed within thirty (30) minutes following the end of the final match, by a participating